Circulation Policy
  • The media center is open from 8:10 to 3:30.
  • Students
    To check out a book...
    1. Come to the media center with your student ID
    2. Put your old date card in the container and place your book on the counter.
    3. Use a shelf marker to help you mark your place when searching for a book to keep the books in order.
    4. If you need assistance finding a book, you may use the Lookup stations or ask Ms. Dempsey or Miss Goble for assistance.
    5. When you make your selection, bring your book to the checkout counter.
    6. Put a new date card in the pocket of the book when you finish checking out.
    7. You have two weeks to read your book.

    Enjoy your book!
    Kindergarten - 2nd grade may check out one book.
    3rd -  5th grades may check out two books per visit.

  • Parents
    You are encouraged to come to the media center and check out the wonderful books we have. Parents may check out two books per child during each visit.   We also recommend that you spend a few minutes each night reading to your child and allowing your child to read to you.  (Even big kids love to be read to!)
  • Teachers
    The media center opens at 8:10 a.m. Feel free to come in.  You may check out as many books, teacher resources, etc. as you like.  If there is a resource such as a book or manipulative that you need that we don't have, please make a note of it so I can put it on my "wish list".